What Is the Timeline for a Workers Comp Case in Indiana?

The workers compensation insurance system is not just meant to help workers get guaranteed benefits whenever they are injured at work. The system is also intended to protect employers because workers who are covered under the work comp system usually give up the right to sue their employer for injuries sustained at the workplace to enjoy the guaranteed medical benefits as well as wage replacement benefits. After getting injured at work, employees are usually required to report the incident to their employer, either in writing or verbally. The employer must be notified within thirty days. This is the first and most important timeline that workers need to know about.

Timeline for Work Comp Cases in Indiana

There are many people who often wonder what the timeline for a workers comp case is in Indiana? If you are one of them, read on to find out. After notifying your employer about the injury within thirty days, you will have up to two years to file your work comp claim. The clock usually starts counting down two years from the day of the injury. In case of injuries resulting from long term/repetitive trauma, the clock will start counting down from the day the injury was discovered. In case of death due to injuries sustained at work, the family of the deceased worker can file a claim within two years from the time of death.

It is important to note that workers comp claims are usually processed through the employer and must be reviewed by the Indiana Workers Compensation Board. There is no timeline or deadline for review of claims as there may be many claims under review and each claim is different. That is why it is always a good idea to file the claim as soon as possible to ensure the case can be reviewed and approved as soon as possible. This is crucial because you cannot start enjoying any benefits until your claim has been approved.

Hiring a Workers Comp Attorney

To make the entire process of filing and processing claims easier, you may want to consider hiring a workers compensation lawyer to handle your case. The lawyer will ensure everything is in order. They will also help to fast-track your case. Since there are many lawyers in the state, you should take some time to compare all the local attorneys to identify the best workers comp lawyer in Indianapolis.

Experience is perhaps the most crucial factor of consideration during the search. Therefore, you should give strong consideration to lawyers with many years of experience handling workers compensation cases in Indianapolis. The success rate and reputation of the lawyers you find, as well as the legal fees they charge, must all be considered before a decision is made.