Symptoms of a Spinal Injury Following a Car Wreck

High-impact vehicle collisions will not only damage the cars but also endanger the occupants. It does not matter what kind of crash it is: rollovers, rear impacts, side impacts, head-on collisions, back-up collisions, and so on. The driver and passengers can suffer any number of injuries from the violent incident. This can include cuts, bruises, fractures, open wounds, organ damage, and even spinal injuries. For example, people may suffer from whiplash which is a sudden neck distortion due to the rapid acceleration then deceleration upon impact.

There are many symptoms of a spinal injury following a car wreck. Note that some of these may not appear right away. You could feel alright for a few days before you start experiencing problems. It is vital that you get checked right after a crash even if there are no immediate signs of injury. You should also make sure that you monitor yourself for any of these developments:

Neck and Back Pain

Following a car accident back injury, it is highly possible for you to feel pain around your neck and your back. The whiplash might be so severe as to cause strain along the length of the spine. This is more common in cases of rear-end collisions. Neck pain can be particularly severe and require quick intervention by a doctor for relief. If there is pain at the back from whiplash, this will usually be located around the middle of the spine. Lower back pain is also common.

Sensory Disturbance

The arms and legs may also begin to feel odd sensory disturbance. These include unusual sensations like prickling, tingling, burning, or numbness across the skin. There could be no apparent reason for this which makes it even more concerning. The sensations could come and go. For others, it may become persistent.

Referred Pain

When a part of the body is injured, the pain does not always manifest in the exact same area. Sometimes you will feel it elsewhere which can lead to confusion. In the case of a whiplash, you may experience referred pain to the shoulders.


It is not uncommon for those involved in accidents to experience headaches, migraine, and even vertigo. Do not shrug these off as they can be signs of a more serious underlying condition. Go to a doctor to have yourself checked if you haven’t already.

Cognitive Issues

People have also reported having cognitive issues such as inability to focus and heightened irritability. These behavioral changes can be due to the increasing physical discomforts. They are also linked to poor prognosis.

Disc Injuries

Last but not least, car crashes can lead to the misalignment of the spinal discs. They can slip out, herniate, rupture, or bulge out. This is a very serious condition as patients will experience debilitating pain. Even standing up will be difficult. A thorough test is crucial post-accident to spot these issues and prevent them from getting worse.