Should Laws And Policies Aim To Maximize Happiness?

Are you happy with your life? How can laws and policies make you happier? People often think laws and policies are there to restrict them but they aren’t always there to stop people from being happy. You can be as happy as you like even when there are laws and policies to follow. However, should the law make you feel happier? Can laws be changed to maximize your happiness?

Why Do You Think The Laws Are Making You Unhappy?

Is there a certain or specific law or policy that is making you feel unhappy or restricted? Are you restricted in terms of your views or do you feel a law is stopping you living a full live or the life you want to? Understanding why you think certain laws or policies are making you unhappy you can start to maybe understand the laws greater and potentially make them work for you. It doesn’t have to be you against the law, the law can be on your side and you can work alongside them without too much trouble. Maybe in a way laws and policies should aim to maximize your happiness but there is a fine line to take.

Changing the Law Won’t Always Make You Happy  

Do you honestly think a change to the law or the policies that hamper you will make you happier? Is that going to make life for you and your family better or worse? You might think you should get more flexibility with the laws to suit your needs but does that put someone else in danger? What if you robbed a house but you wanted a lighter sentence because you felt pressured and another did the same, is it right you were able to walk free and the other not? What happens if another burglar gets away with their crime only to go on and do it again and cause further harm to society? Is that going to make you happy? Sometimes changes are needed but at the same time, you have to consider an all-around view so that it’s not just you who is safe or happy.

Maybe You Don’t Have To Worry About Laws or Policies to Make You Happier

There are many ways to make your life happier and get the most from it too and it can be very wise to take action. Yes, changes are good but sometimes changes to policies and laws are not always good and might not actually make your life happier. That is something you must think about when it comes to being happier or trying to get changes to the law. There are so many people who don’t think about the long-term view but rather the short-term view and what they feel is best for you. You aren’t the only person who matters; there is a large society, everyone should be happy and not just one person.

Laws Don’t Always Make People Happy

You can have changes to the law but does it make a difference to you and will it actually make you happier? Maybe it can but in most cases, it will not. Changes can help some people but if you want to make all laws favorable for you, it might not really have the impact you want. That is why it’s time to think about changes to policies and laws as a whole and for the impact on all society, not just you.

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