How to File for SSD Benefits in Boston

When you’ve been seriously injured, working may simply be an impossibility for you. Still, that doesn’t mean you don’t have bills to pay and expenses to cover. That means you’ll need your Social Security Disability benefits to recover.

Unfortunately, many people don’t understand how to get this coverage. That means mistakes in your application, late applications, and in some cases, refusals of coverage.

If you’re not sure how to file for your SSD benefits, make sure you have the help you need, whether that’s a Boston lawyer or someone else who can guide you through the process. Get the help you need to get your benefits and have the peace of mind that it brings.

Make Sure You’re Eligible

When you first consider filing for social security benefits, you’ll first need to ensure you’re able to receive these benefits. Unfortunately, many people try to seek these benefits, only to find that they’re not eligible and that their time has been wasted.

When you apply for SSD benefits, you’ll need to prove that you’re medically and financially eligible for benefits. Medically, you’ll need to prove that you’re disabled and unable to work according to their guidelines. Typically, this means that you’re unable to go to work and provide the substantial amount of work required.

Financially, though, you’ll need to prove that you need that compensation. For example, those with certain assets that total over a certain amount may also be unable to receive compensation. You’ll need to make sure you don’t exceed that limit, so you’ll need your assets calculated by a lawyer or adviser if you believe you’re close to the limit.

Applying for Benefits

Once you’ve shown that you’re eligible for your benefits, you’ll then need to gather the information you need to file. Generally, this includes contact information and information about your situation. For example, you’ll need to show that you were working before your disabling accident.

After you’ve gathered the necessary information, you’ll need to fill out an adult disability application. This application lets the office know that you’re seeking disability, so they’ll take the information provided and investigate. Once you’ve completed the medical release form, they’ll review your results and whether you should receive benefits.

If you can’t file online, don’t worry. You can also give them a call, or you can visit your local Social Security office. They’ll be able to help you get your paperwork in and get your benefits as soon as possible.

Getting Your Benefits Soon

When you’re injured and can’t work, it can be tough to get the SSD benefits you deserve. It’s unfortunate, but many people are uncertain about how to file and what they need to file. Unfortunately, that means, if you’re not sure, you could be denied before you get the benefits you need.

When that happens, get the legal help you need from an SSD attorney in Boston. You’ll need help recovering, and they’ll have the tools to help. Whether you’re struggling to file or you need help appealing, they’ll fight back for your claim.