Car Accident Hotspots in New York City

Most people have seen the movies depicting downtown Manhattan as a sea of backed up yellow cabs. These images cause many of us to wonder if it is actually safe to drive in New York City. As the most heavily populated city in the U.S., there are numerous car accident hotspots in New York City to be aware of and avoid when possible.New York City, the home to almost 9 million people, is a hotspot of activity. Drivers, cabs, cyclists and pedestrians are everywhere on the streets.

It’s not just the other motorists that drivers have to look out for, but also the pedestrians popping up everywhere. While the numbers of traffic-related fatalities have been decreasing over the years, there are still certain intersections where accidents are more likely to occur.

Dangerous Intersections

The worst intersections are the ones that are near or on off-ramps of main tunnels and bridges. Some of the worst include Tillary Street and Flatbush Avenue, where there is triple access to the Manhattan Bridge, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the BQE. The Queensboro Bridge’s Manhattan side and the Bowery and Delancey Street intersection are where numerous car collisions occur around the Manhattan and Williamsburg Bridge off-ramps. Delancey street holds the reputation of being a pedestrian nightmare. Below is a thorough listing of New York’s heaviest collision intersections:

  • Tillary Street and Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn
  • 2nd Ave and East 59th St, Manhattan
  • 42nd Street and 8th Ave, Manhattan
  • Linden Boulevard and Pennsylvania Ave, Queens
  • Atlantic Ave and Pennsylvania Ave, Brooklyn
  • The Bowery and Kenmare Street, Manhattan
  • Queens Boulevard and Long Island Expressway, Queens
  • 57th Street and 3rd Ave, Manhattan
  • 42nd Street and 9th Ave, Manhattan
  • 34th Street and 7th Ave, Manhattan
  • West 40th Street and 11th Ave, Manhattan
  • East 138th Street and Alexander Ave, Bronx
  • The Bowery and Houston Street, Manhattan
  • East Fordham Road and Southern Boulevard, Bronx
  • 2nd Ave and East 36th Street, Manhattan
  • West 42nd Street and 7th Avenue, Manhattan
  • 1st Avenue and East 96th Street, Manhattan
  • 3rd Avenue and East 59th Street, Manhattan
  • 1st Avenue and East 96th Street, Manhattan
  • Erksine Street and Seaview Ave, Brooklyn
  • Atlantic Avenue and Conduit Boulevard, Brooklyn
  • East 34th Street and 2nd Ave, Manhattan
  • West 42nd Street and 6th Ave, Manhattan
  • East 125th Street and 2nd Ave, Manhattan
  • West 34th Street and 8th Ave, Manhattan
  • Flatbush Ave and Empire Boulevard, Brooklyn

The above New York City intersections are the locations of the highest number of traffic collisions. When it comes to driving safely in the most densely populated city in the United States, being aware is key. Being aware not only of the intersections that are the most dangerous to drive, but also being aware of the numerous signs, pedestrians, and speed limits. For NYC visitors, many choose to cab or subway to avoid the teeming roads, but for locals, most are already aware of the car accident hotspots in New York City. If, however, you are involved in a car accident in New York City, contact a Bronx car accident lawyer.