Best Defenses to Assault Charges

When you’ve been charged with any crime, your life could be turned upside-down for a while, but when you’ve been charged with a violent offense, your life could be forever altered. Violent offenses aren’t a good look on your criminal record; no matter what you do, you aren’t going to be able to cover up that black mark.

People will judge you based on the crime, regardless of the circumstances. They will automatically assume you are dangerous and not to be trusted. These judgments will affect you for life, causing you all sorts of hardships. You could be throwing away your future if you choose to plead guilty to an assault charge.

There are defenses available if you just have the courage to fight for your future. Don’t give up and sign a plea agreement without at least talking with a lawyer about your options.

What could happen to you if you’re convicted of a violent offense?

A lot of people that are charged with a crime aren’t even aware of the consequences. You should never make decisions without being fully informed.

When you are charged with an assault crime, you could be facing legal ramifications such as jail, prison, and fines. You could be facing other legal consequences as well, such as probation, community service, and restitution to the victim.

In addition to the legal punishments, you can be affected in other ways that are longer lasting than the legal punishments tend to be. You will likely miss out on invaluable work opportunities, you could be fired, your family will suffer, your finances could be affected, and you could lose friends and family due to lack of trust.

What are the best defenses out there for assault charges?

It’s hard to believe that there are defenses available, but there are. One of the best defenses for assault is self-defense. Many people use violence to protect themselves or others, and this is permitted by law. Some of the other defenses against assault convictions are:

Do you need help beating an assault charge?

Assault is a violent offense; that crime, once on your record, will stay with you forever. It will change the way people view you; some people might even fear you. This will seriously affect your job prospects, your financial future, and will surely cause embarrassment and humiliation.

There is only one way to avoid all the negative effects that an assault conviction will have in your life—don’t be convicted. You won’t likely have much luck fighting your charge on your own, but with a Terre Haute criminal defense attorney on your side, you might just have a chance.